About Me

I currently work as a senior lecturer in Interaction Design at the Northumbria University, Newcastle (UK).
My work explores the use of computational environment for developing novel visualisations of many types of data into a variety of static, interactive and tangible outcomes. I have developed a particular interest in the visualisation of text, and am currently working with as part of a research team to explore the representation of narrative spaces within fictional literature.
I love experimenting with, and learning new code, and am deeply fascinated with the interplay between imagination and logic, creativity and structure, necessary to generate deep and beautiful work from ‘data’ of many kinds.

I am the author of one publication ‘Data Driven Graphic Design’ (Bloomsbury) which showcases projects and processes which explore the use of data as a driver for visual innovation.


‘Virus: Bad News Wrapped in a Protein’, St John’s College Oxford 2011: Interactive table artwork as part an exhibition exploring the visual and aesthetic responses to the power of viruses

Shine Festival, Sunderland 2010: ‘Wallflowers’, a computationally generated animation commissioned and projected onto the Museum and Winter Gardens

Offf, Lisbon 2009: ‘Moving Wallpaper’ presented at seminar at the international digital design festival

Design4Science, 2007: Computationally generative animation shown as part of a national and international touring exhibition. Manchester, Cambridge, Stockholm and Copenhagen

SIGGRAPH, Boston 2006: ‘New Media, New Craft’: Paper presented as part of the annual international computer graphics and interactive techniques conference.


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