Spatial Augmented Reality

Increased availability of creative digital processes, tools and environments (e.g. games engines and open-source programming environments) have opened up opportunities for the creative exploration of new methods, techniques and approaches for literary visualisation within geo-spatial contexts. It has also encouraged the development of new forms of engagement with literary material for academic and non-academic audiences.

This work represents an example of an ongoing investigation into creative application of Augmented Reality (AR) technology and locational data and to produce new types of ‘experiential’ textual encounters in both virtual and physical spatial environments. Social media snippets relating to specific spaces around the city have been relocated using geo-located AR technology back into their environment – creating new ways of seeing and experiencing both text and space.

The digital and interactive visual outcomes demonstrate some of the possibilities, opportunities and challenges of computational and game technology for (re)locating texts in digital and physical spaces; outline different types of ‘experiential’ encounters with text as landscape and text in landscape; and raise questions around the use of computational methods to develop novel geo-spatial techniques and their possible application in wider contexts

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